Shelter for your car

ISR Plaza: 6 mins walk

Time: 24/7

Price: 0-1 hour 1AZN, 1-3 hours 2 AZN, 3-6 hours 3 AZN


Garage – a new paid parking lot in the center of the city, on the avenue “Azerbaijan” (next to the park Nizami and Bank Standard). Parking-15 minutes for free. 0-1 hour 1 AZN, 1-3 hours 2 AZN, 3-6 hours 3 AZN.


Caspian Plaza 200 m2
Price: 2500 AZN Headcount: 21-30 Sqm: 120m2
Baku Residence 135m2
Price: 3500 AZN Headcount: 11-20 Sqm: 135m2
Demirchi Tower 90m2
Price: 1500 AZN Headcount: 1-10 Sqm: 90m2

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