Like mom's cooking

BEGOC: 1 mins walk

Time: 13:00-15:00

Price: AZN20

Restaurant is just next to BEGOC Business Center 

MARIVANNA. Eastern European cuisine is as rich and ancient as their culture. Nowadays it is almost impossible not to know such dishes like golubtsy – cabbage rolls, fish kulebyaka, and puree. So, for those who want to dive right into the ambiance of beautiful Russian cottage house and taste “home-made” dishes, while having business lunch MariVanna is delighted to open its doors to you. This place is Vegetarian friendly and has Vegan options. Taking care of visitors’ health MariVanna offers Gluten Free options.

Restaurant is just next to BEGOC Business Center with parking and street parking both available; and with wheelchair access. Menu of MariVanna is home-made food that is cooked by our moms and grandmas. The interior design is full of small and cute details, like porcelain figurines, tablecloths and wall paintings, photographs and books on the shelves, shawls on lace chandeliers, lampshades and interesting little toys. Peculiarity of the restaurant is seasonal menu that warms you up in cold winter days and chills on hot summer heat. Home-made fruit drinks, lemonades and unusual but tasty tinctures always amaze guests.


Caspian Plaza 200 m2
Price: 2500 AZN Headcount: 21-30 Sqm: 120m2
Baku Residence 135m2
Price: 3500 AZN Headcount: 11-20 Sqm: 135m2
Demirchi Tower 90m2
Price: 1500 AZN Headcount: 1-10 Sqm: 90m2

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