Right at promenade

Bayil Plaza: 5 mins walk

Time: 13:00-15:00

Price: AZN18

This place is favorite choice of tenants from Bayil Plaza and Dalga Plaza

One of the articles of Minnesota University explains how environment can cause and reduce stress, affecting our brains and nerves, endocrine and immune systems. Environment influences people’s behavior and mood, which means that the place for having business lunch is as much important as menu and people you meet with. So, if you are looking for a restaurant with best interior design, you should definitely come to “CHAYKI”. Its unique design making you feel yourself in luxurious cottage house with relaxing garden and appealing outside view to the Caspian Sea.

This place is favorite choice of tenants from Bayil Plaza and Dalga Plaza that are at walking distance to the restaurant. Famous open buffet business lunches invite you to mix business with pleasure, having meetings and closing deals enjoying yourself on stylish balconies of the restaurant. “CHAYKI”s business lunch menu captivates everyone with its great choice of dishes. Special set is available on week-days from 12:00 till 16:00 p.m. just for 18 AZN. Guests may choose one of the eleven salads, one out of six soups and one out of ten main courses. Side dishes, drinks and delicious tortillas are included into the price.

Chef Bakhtiar Aliev who is famous for its works not only in Azerbaijan but also abroad brings his author’s look into Azerbaijan traditional cuisine. So only in “CHAYKI” in Baku you may enjoy dishes that you will never find anywhere else. Guests’ main course cooked right before their eyes inside of national stove called “Tandoor” is one of their most favorite sights. Visitors note that restaurants’ home-made teas are one of its zests. Besides all mentioned above, this place indulges guests with “seasonal dishes” like turkey kebab, fried chicken in cherry sauce, dosheme pilaf and many others.

In “CHAYKI” in February just before quarantine was held first etiquette brunch. Famous speaker Tatiana Poliakova became star guest of the event.


Caspian Plaza 200 m2
Price: 2500 AZN Headcount: 21-30 Sqm: 120m2
Baku Residence 135m2
Price: 3500 AZN Headcount: 11-20 Sqm: 135m2
Demirchi Tower 90m2
Price: 1500 AZN Headcount: 1-10 Sqm: 90m2

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