Excellent for evening events

BEGOC: 10 mins walk

Time: 12:00-15:00

Price: AZN15

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Baku.

SAHIL. Twice winner of “Certificate of Excellence” Sahil Bar & Restaurant is ideally located near seaside. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Baku, so arranging a the business dinner here rather a quick lunch is definitely a good idea. The restaurant specializes in local and Azerbaijani cuisine. It is Vegetarian friendly and has both Vegan and Halal options. Taking people’s health into consideration Sahil restaurant provide Gluten Free options.

This place offers wheelchair access and free Wi-Fi, creating excellent conditions for guests to feel themselves comfortable and cozy. The kitchen of Sahil restaurant is in skillful hands of talented Simuzar Suleymanova. She is the creator of “Shah Pilaf” and is one of the most famous chefs in Azerbaijan. The live music of the restaurant offers to enjoy local jazz and folk music performances.

Menu of Sahil restaurant is wide and charming. It has nine salads, appetizers consist of two section: hot and cold appetizers, which are accompanied by 22 main courses, 21 kebabs, 20 Pilafs and special Azerbaijani Tandoor dishes. The restaurant is always happy to delight guests with tasty homemade lemonades, healthy fresh juices, and national compotes.


Caspian Plaza 200 m2
Price: 2500 AZN Headcount: 21-30 Sqm: 120m2
Baku Residence 135m2
Price: 3500 AZN Headcount: 11-20 Sqm: 135m2
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Price: 1500 AZN Headcount: 1-10 Sqm: 90m2

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